Welcome to the Compact Information System's (CIS) New Construction List web site. At CIS we have been providing the highest quality services and support to the Direct Marketing Industry since 1988. Now we are bringing this service to the web.

Our New Construction site lists homes, businesses and apartments that are new constructions built within the last year. These are new addresses that are ready to receive your direct mailings.

To ensure you receive the highest quality list for your project, we pass our entire list through a rigorous cleansing process ensuring that each record has the highest deliverability possible. In addition, we pass each record against a Do-Not-Mail file to remove those consumers that do not want to receive direct mail solicitations. This means you are getting the most useful and accurate consumer list available in the country. Bottom line, our list will save you money and time on your next direct mail campaign.

Give us a call today at 1(800) 632-1379 to setup your account. It is easy and will only take five minutes. We would love to work for you!  

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